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You see there’s just so much to do… there’s the ferry (well that’s taken care of now) but then there’s the equipment, and that’s where I fall down.

I can’t pass a camping shop without popping in just to see what gadget I absolutely have to have in order to make the trip – this one is a bit easier because it’s just me, rather than all three of us so I’m not playing my inflatable bed is better than your down mattress!

Ferry Booking

MoroccoIt takes three weeks, or there abouts, for a motorbike and rider to head up the Atlas mountains, decend into Marakesh and laze in Casablanca.

Welcome to the Journey To Morocco blog. A testing ground for a much larger journey between three friends in July next year – you can read more about that in Journey To Russia.

This blog is a very simple record of one of that teams journey in September this year, a place to test the technology and the methods that we’ll use on the big one.